The Last Get High Facebook Cover
August 21, 2017 Duluth, MN Red Herring Lounge Red Herring Lounge
August 22, 2017 St. Paul, MN Amsterdam Bar and Hall Amsterdam Bar and Hall
August 23, 2017 Waterloo, IA Spicoli's Spicoli's
August 24, 2017 Ames, IA
August 24, 2017 Sioux City, IA Whiskey Dick's Whiskey Dick's
August 26, 2017 Kansas City, MO All Star Rockbar All Star Rockbar
August 27, 2017 Des Moines, IA Lefty's Live Lefty's Live
August 30, 2017 Omaha, NE Reverb Lounge Reverb Lounge
August 31, 2017 Denver, CO Lion's Lair Lion's Lair
September 1, 2017 Colorado Springs, CO Sunshine Studios Live Sunshine Studios Live
September 2, 2017 Hutchinson, KS The Rusty Needle Sports Lounge The Rusty Needle Sports Lounge
September 3, 2017 Wichita, KS The Street Bar The Street Bar
September 6, 2017 Norman, OK Red Brick Bar Red Brick Bar
September 7, 2017 Dallas, TX Prophet Bar Prophet Bar
September 8, 2017 Houston, TX Acadia Bar Acadia Bar
September 9, 2017 San Marcos, TX Kiva Lounge Kiva Lounge