LCB Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Kyle

How did the name Lydia Can’t Breathe come about?

I was wasted watching Beetle Juice, and was like “I can’t breathe” but out of no where I said Lydia Can’t Breathe because that is the name of the main character in the movie. We liked the name, it was different and we could draw a comparison to Lydia because she is an outcast in the movie, and we feel we are sort of outcasts to the normal persona. That is how we came up with the idea of our band being called Lydia Can’t Breathe.

When did you guys start playing music together?

2003 I started playing with Dan, and in 2005 we started our first band.

What are your influences?

We have a lot of different influences. I have been influenced heavily by bands such as System of a Down, The Beatles, Slipknot, Between the Buried and Me.

Is Lydia one of your ex/girlfriends?

No. Believe it or not none of us have ever dated a girl named Lydia.

What do you guys tune to?

Dropped D and Standard E

Why Can’t Lydia Breathe?

Okay.. For real? We hate this question and some douche bag always has to ask it! Don’t ask us this question if you want to be our friend.

What’s the best city/venue you have ever played?

Well we always enjoy playing shows at home in Florida. If I had to pick a place that stands out in my mind it would be Colorado.

What do you guys do to get ready for tour?

We rehearse our set religiously, make sure our van, trailer, and equipment are in working order and good to go. Besides that, I work out in the gym to stay in shape and practice guitar every chance I get.

How do you guys write your songs?

We write based around the guitar, starts with a couple riffs and then we feel out the rest of the song by jamming and coming up with ideas around the original guitar piece. It sort of just comes together, and I structure the material in the end.

Where did you record your album?

We recorded both cd’s to date at Studio 101 in Melbourne Florida with Brendon Paredes.

When are you hitting the road again?

Soon!! Check out our tour tab here our website. You can also look for announcements on Twitter and Facebook.