“The element of variety and level of experimentation in Lydia Can’t Breathe’s music has made them difficult to classify, but Lydia Can’t Breathe for the most part, has maintained a single style throughout their body of work. Their genre has been termed alternative metal, alternative rock, rock, experimental rock, hard rock, heavy metal, stoner metal, progressive metal, and progressive rock.” – TATTOO.COM

” These metal fused rockers deliver catchy progressions as they blend growling and natural vocals and wrap them in forthright vocals. They have a sound that will have you wanting more.” – MUSIC JUNKIE PRESS

“My first thoughts were “What is this”, but as soon as the music started, I understood. This is a surprising band. I’ve never heard of them before tonight. What a great show, while they were playing I thought to myself why they aren’t on a festival tour, or headlining their own tour of larger venues.” – REVIEW  BY JAMES SIMONS


Melodic, catchy riffs, unforgettable aggressive vocals, with traces of hip hop describe the sound you can expect to find on the most recent full length release Tastes New.  On the album Lydia Can’t Breathe has constructed a sound unique to the usual genre classifications while discussing topics that touch on political views, social issues, depression, and anti-war.

Lydia Can’t Breathe features the energetic vocals of frontman Kyle Bolduc. Plus instrumentation from Ryan Cowell on guitar, Josh Runfeldt on drums, and Shad Roundy on bass. The magnitude of their presence and work ethic has landed the band opportunities to play Rockfest with acts such as Asking Alexandria, Incubus, Rise Against to name a few.

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