New Tour Dates Up


Fall Tour Announced

We are getting ready to hit the road for tour again. If we are coming near your city bring out some friends and come get wild with us!!

We are hyped about our new stage show and to hang out with our LCB family!

Nov 13 – Strokers in Edgewater, FL
Nov 14 – Pugs Live in Tallahassee , FL
Nov 17 – Jillians Bar and Grill in Louisville, KY
Nov 18 – Rail 2 in Peoria , IL
Nov 19 – Cheers in South Bend, IN
Nov 20 – EveryBuddys Bar and Grill in Chippewa Falls, WI
Nov 21 – Woolys in Des Moines, IA

Visit the tour section of our site for more info.

check out a recap from our 2014 midwest tour with dope & hed pe



Upcoming Tour Dates Posted


We are hitting the road with Motograter, Thira, and Dead Horse Trauma. This tour will kick off for us on April 30th in Seattle, Washington. For those in attendance, we will be revealing our latest stage show, along with exclusive merchandise that will only be sold on this tour. We look forward to seeing everyone on the road. Tell your friends it’s gonna be a party!

Click Here for a list of tour dates and info.


“Dope and (hed)PE Tour” Official Recap

Official Recap

In 2014 we hit the road with Dope and Hed PE for three weeks. While on the road we met a bunch of cool people, and shared some really cool memories together as a band. We were able to come out with some really decent footage shot by our friend and business partner Marlon aka Mass. This video is an official recap of our experience. Although it doesn’t show everything that goes on, it does give our listeners a perspective into our life on the road. Please comment, share, subscribe, and everything else to help keep spreading Lydia’s name. Thank you for your support, we hope to always have you as a fan!


Lydia Can’t Breathe Snot Tour

LCB Announces Tour With Snot

LATE November – december

We have posted the confirmed dates and the available information for each show. We are excited to show you what kind of changes we have made to our stage show and to be able to share the stage with Snot, He Is Legend, and Thira on this upcoming tour.

Please see the TOUR section of our site for more info!   Buy Time banner_resized


LCB Accepts Award While On The Road


While on the road with Hed PE and Dope, we received the Ambassador award from Brevard Live Magazine. We unfortunately were unable to make it to the award ceremony due to our touring schedule. However, we still want to thank everyone at BLM for treating us great and accepting us musically!! Back in May they featured us on the cover and did a two page story about us hitting the road with national acts, and what it’s been like on the journey so far. To read the interview, check out the May 2014 Issue online. LCB Award


The Phone Call

We were sitting at a Taco shop in Dayton, Ohio when we got a call from our friend Paul Chapman (Guitarist/UFO) who was so kind to be able to accept the award on our behalf at the ceremony. We are proud of our accomplishments and want to thank all of our local fans that have treated us like family!! Here are some photos from that day when Kyle accepted the award.


shot 1 shot2 shot3

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Josh Secures Sponsorship

Sponsorship Secured!

Our drummer secured a sponsorship earlier this year with Soultone Cymbals. The sponsorship will help Josh with his touring needs and marks another big step in his career as a musician. They issued a custom signature series specifically for him, featuring his name scribed on the top of the cymbals.


Josh Shows Off His New Sponsorship On Twitter!

We decided to share this great news with our fans, to remind you of how far along we have came since we first started! See Josh’s bio below and on Soultone’s official website: JOSH RUNFELDT 

Lydia Can’t breathe’s drummer

Josh Runfeldt is a national touring drummer from Merritt Island, Florida, who plays for Lydia Can’t Breathe, and has recorded two studio albums to date. Having spent most of his life in Melbourne, Florida, drumming and playing percussion became an outlet for him at an early age. Growing up, some of his influences included Carter Beauford, Joey Jordison, and Blake Richardson, just to name a few. After playing mostly blues, jazz, and rock, he expanded his horizon even further, getting into metal drumming when he joined up with Kyle Bolduc to play drums in Lydia Can’t Breathe. Ultimately, the passion that Josh developed while performing live became something he soon realized he would never lose. The fast tempos, quick fills, and speedy double bass made it intriguing to learn, and challenged him to be a better musician overall. With years of practicing and dedication, along with a diverse style of drumming patterns, Josh had built up a solid foundation that became a centerpiece to a national touring act. This helped Lydia Can’t Breathe, as a unit, to progress throughout the years, releasing two full-length albums, “At the Bottom of the Podum Stole” and “Time.” The band has received radio airplay, print, and web write-ups, along with invitations to participate in a handful of notable nationwide tours across the United States. Josh practices regularly with his band mates, and currently tours about six months out of the year. Josh strives to achieve various levels of success in his musical journey, establishing himself as an integral element to a group that has evolved in its over six-year existence. Josh’s unique approach to playing multiple styles of rhythms gives him the opportunity to stand out in a rapid changing music environment by giving him the ability to adapt quickly and learn new techniques. He has no intentions of slowing down his momentum, furthering his career through mastery of his art, while steadily gaining more successful experience as a drummer.

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LCB Tour Announced

LCB Announces Tour w/ Dope & Hed PE

Late August – September.

We have posted the confirmed dates and the available information for each show. We are excited to show you what we have planned and to be able to share the stage with Dope & Hed PE on this upcoming tour. Please see the TOUR section of our site for more info!

Tour Ad

Bus Invaders Interview

LIfe on the road

As a touring band, we get to travel to different cities, play in front of awesome people, build new friendships with talented musicians, and meet people who really love what they do!

While we were on tour with Mushroomhead earlier this year, hit us up to do an interview for their 646th episode of Bus Invaders. We checked out some of their videos and came to realize that the idea was really cool. Not only does it provide a way for bands like us to show you how we live on the road, more importantly, it gives us the ability to show our fans how far along we have came!

In this episode of Bus Invaders, the metal/rock band, Lydia Can’t Breathe, gives you a tour of their van, while they were on the road supporting Mushroomhead.

businvaders1 Keep up with future episodes of Bus Invaders on Facebook and Twitter.


What did you think of the episode? What do you think of the life of a touring musician? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.